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      1.Do not immerse the charging station into water or wet environment.

      2.Do not attempt to disassemble or modify the product.

      3.This device contains lithium-ion battery. Do not place it near fire or expose it to temperature more than +140℉(+60℃).

      4.Fully charge the power bank before first usage.

      5.It should be charge from a flat battery to full power once every 6 months to prolong life span of the battery.

      6.Do not put the charging packs into the water for a long time.

      7.Please keep battery fully charged when it's going to be left unused for a long period of time. Battery life span will be affected if it is not charged for 6 months.


      Finger Pow Charging Pack

      Dimensions:54*23*8.9 mm (2.13’*0.9’*0.35’)

      Weight:15 grams

      Capacity of battery:600mAh (each)


      Output:5.0V 0.9A


      Finger Pow Charging Station

      Weight:125 grams

      Capacity of battery:5000mAh


      Input:5V 2A(It’s better to use universal 5V 2A wall charger to charge the station.)


      3*magnetic charging port+1*USB-MAX 5V 2A each, Max 5V 3A in total.

      Safety features:

      Over current protection

      Short circuit protection

      Overheating protection

      Package Include:

      1*Finger Pow Charging Station.

      1*Magnetic USB cable.

      3*Magnetic Adapter.

      4*Charging Pack.

      1*User Guide Book.



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